Autobiography (1906-1949)
Table of contents
(source: G. Mezeviris Vice-Admiral R.H.N.,
"Four decades in the Service of the R.H.N.", Athens 1971)
A.  The Balkan Wars & World War I:  

A1. First steps in the Navy 1906-1912

A2. The Balkan Wars - Days of Glory. Part A : October - December 1912

A3. The Balkan Wars - Days of Glory. Part B : December 1912- March 1913

A4. The R.H.N. operates ashore : May - September 1913

A5. Period of work and calm - Happy days 1913-1915

A6. Beginning of problems - National division 1915-1917

A7. Greece enters World War I - Extensive purges 1917-1919

B.  Between the Wars Period

1. From World War I to the Asia Minor disaster 1919-1921

B2. Asia Minor disaster, Revolution, Counterrevolution 1921-1923

B3. Greece becomes a Republic - Series of coups 1924-1925

B4. Naval Attaché in Paris 1925-1928

B5. Four years of relative calm 1928 - 1932

B6. New political anomalies - The 1933 coup.  Part A

B7. New political anomalies. Part B 1933- 1935

B8. The coup of March 1, 1935 - Civil war

B9. Consequences of the March 1, 1935, coup

B10.The aftermath of the March 1, 1935 coup - Overthrow of regime

B11. The August 4, 1936 dictatorship

C. World War II and the aftermath:

C1. Building coastal defenses 1938- 1939

C2. The pre- War period in the R.H.N. Fleet 1939-1940

C3. The torpedoing of the light cruiser "ELLI" August 15, 1940

C4. The Italian attack - New days of Glory Part A: October - November 1940

C5. The Italian attack - New days of Glory Part B: November 1940 - March 1941

C6. Saving the Gold of the Bank of Greece - March 1941

C7. Naval Operations of March 1941

C8. The chronicle of the sinking of "HYDRA" April 22, 1941

C9. The escape to Egypt: February 16 - March 3, 1943

C10. The Greek Navy in the Middle East - The turmoil: March 1943 - March 1944

C11. Mission to London: Negotiating the transfer of ships: Aug.1943- Jan.1944

C12. The Greek Navy in the Middle East - The mutiny: April 1944

C13. The Reconstruction of the R.H.N. : April - October 1944

C14. Return to Homeland: November - December 1944

C15. The first years after the Liberation: 1945-1946

C16. The R.H.N. during the Greek Civil War: 1946-1947

C17. The end of a long and illustrious career: 1947- 1949